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The psychology of leadership, in action.



Dr. Jiménez (affectionately known by her Clients as Dr. J) coaches a select group of C-level executives in leading organizations in Silicon Valley and throughout the world. She is particularly known for her ability to seamlessly bridge the fields of psychology and leadership.

Honored by LA Weekly Magazine as a must-follow Top Coach, Dr. Jiménez's practice is at the forefront of the coaching field. Her profound grasp of coaching science allows her to employ avant-garde methods, grounded in the latest findings from positive psychology, clinical studies, social psychology, behavioral insights, and motivational theories, to foster transformational growth in her clients.

Beyond the ordinary...

Dr. Jiménez is not just any coach. With a rich background as a Stanford-educated licensed clinical psychologist, a Board Certified Executive Leadership Coach, she has significantly contributed to shaping the world's most extensive digital coaching network. From this work, Dr. Jiménez has become a preeminent figure in the coaching industry. She has been a keynote speaker at the most renowned global coaching organizations including:


International Coaching Federation (ICF)

The Institute of Coaching (IOC), affiliated with Harvard/ McLean Hospital 

The World Business and Executive Coaching (WBECS) Summit


Dr. Jiménez has also been recognized as a ‘wisdom weaver’ by the International Coaching Federation’s Thought Leadership Institute, which gathers experts to engage in thought-provoking conversations about the future of coaching and human development.

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The Impact

As a founding team member at leadership development coaching company BetterUp, Dr. Jiménez played a key leadership role in helping grow the company (from seed to $600M in funding) , in particular, its coach network, with over 3,000 coaches spanning over 90 countries, garnering over 2.5 million coaching sessions and counting. In her role as Vice President of Coaching Innovation, she drove the development of groundbreaking technology-enabled science-backed coaching approaches, tools, and frameworks for helping today’s top organizations foster resilience, mental flourishing, and peak performance at work. Her charter involved working at the intersection of science, humanism, and technology to thoughtfully reimage the future of coaching in an ever-changing world of work. She worked in collaboration with multiple teams (ranging from ethicists, scientists, design thinkers, machine learning experts, and product experts) as well as industry leaders in the coaching and leadership development space.

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Silvia Imperadori - BetterUp Premier Fellow Coach

ICF PCC and EMCC Senior Practitioner

"Witnessing Jacinta's impact on the coaching industry firsthand from BetterUp's early days has been incredibly inspiring for me. Her vast knowledge and wisdom were a constant source of learning, but it was her deep sensitivity and empathy that truly amazed me. Jacinta's willingness to be vulnerable in service of her coaches empowered me to do the same, and that's something I'll forever be grateful for. She's a beautiful soul and my greatest role model."

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Dr. J’s coaching stems from her unique ability to synthesize scientific research and directly apply it to the growth of top leaders. Her deep knowledge of human behavior makes her an authority in catalyzing lasting behavior change within her Clients.Her greatest joy stems from watching her Clients lead from a place of well-being, purpose, authenticity, and influence.


Within each session, Dr. J will work with you to continually deepen your insight and self-awareness, thoughtfully challenging you when necessary. Drawing from the fields of motivation, psychology, and neuroscience, Dr. J will help you leverage your values, strengths, and mindsets to continue to refine your leadership identity. From there, you will work with her to craft actionable plans to achieve your goals- whether that is boosting your resilience and well-being, designing your legacy for your next chapter, or elevating your impact as a leader. Rather than provide you with one-off leadership techniques, Dr. J's goal in coaching is to help you ultimately bolster a robust set of enduring leadership capabilities that can empower you to thrive as a leader and beyond in the face of ever-changing demands of modern-day work life.

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