The Book

A science-backed resilience toolkit to help professionals succeed and flourish at work and life.

Modern-day work life—with its unrelenting pace and everchanging demands—can easily put you on a fast track to burnout. Ironically, the key to successfully navigating this increasingly complex landscape is a simple set of core capabilities you can rely on for years to come. The Burnout Fix, from Dr. Jacinta M. Jiménez, Stanford trained psychologist, former Global Head of Coaching at BetterUp, and coach to Silicon Valley’s top performers, reveals how to harness science-backed resilience strategies in order to buffer against burnout and thrive in today’s workforce.


Packed with compelling, real-world coaching stories, The Burnout Fix will help you avoid flatlining your performance and well-being through maintaining a set of science-backed resilience practices.


Drawing from the fields of motivation, psychology, and neuroscience, Dr. Jiménez’s resilience practices offer an approach that is both easy to understand and apply.


The Burnout Fix also includes chapters dedicated to leaders who want to nurture teams and organizational cultures to stay above industry trends and promote sustained success and flourishing in their people.

Whether you are an individual who wishes to build out a set of lasting resilience habits, a team looking to stay on their innovative edge, or an organization hoping to keep employees engaged and flourishing, The Burnout Fix will reshape the way you think about success while giving you the tools and strategies you need to thrive.

The Author

Dr. Jacinta M. Jiménez (also known as “Dr. J”) is an award-winning Psychologist and Board-Certified Leadership Coach with a 15+ year career dedicated to the betterment of leaders. She has worked with individuals in top organizations such as Facebook, Airbnb, Lyft, and Google.  A graduate of Stanford University, Dr. J is a sought-after expert in bridging the fields of psychology and leadership. She contributes to national news and TV outlets, including CNN/HLN, Business Insider, Forbes, Fast Company, Oprah, and Bloomberg. As the former Global Head of Coaching at BetterUp, she led the development of ground-breaking science-backed coaching approaches for helping today’s top organizations, while also leading a global community of 1500+ international Leadership Coaches in over 58 countries.


Available for Purchase: March 2021

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